Speech Writing: Quotes and Thinking

Periodically we all need to create writing speech. It may be the speech at school or university, congratulation on the wedding day, just prepared talk with the employer. Professional speech writing has own rules and traditions. If you want to write everything correct without special speech writing help, then read this advice.

You Should Think First and Then Speak

We can make mistakes in the speech sometimes just because we are not thinking in this moment. So, your text will have a success if you think about what the situation needs from you.

  1.    Think about people you will meet. Talk to key people to touch your base with them. Find their names and titles if you are not sure about it. If the doubts are in the pronunciation, then ask for right pronounce of specific name.
  2.    Think about the material in your preparation, check it one more time and make sure this is the latest data.
  3.    Think about questions the audience may ask you. Look at your text and check again the material. What questions the audience members may ask and what will you answer to them?
  4.    Take into consideration the expectations as a result of your speech. Do you have the same expectations as your audience?

Actually, if you think and then talk then it is easier to avoid the embarrassment. And remember, as Solomon said, fools look wise if they keep silent and hold their tongues.

How to Use Quotes to Express Your Thoughts

If you are not an expert, your speech whatever could be clever and humorous. If some people may express their feelings better than you – quote them. There is well-known phrase of Michel de Montage; he said “I quote others only the better to express myself.” So, the speaker may use quotations for increasing the value of the content and motivating the listeners to pay attention on some idea from this quote.

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You may find quotes everywhere, just learn to listen. And quotes help to pass the idea better than you could do it on your own. First of all, identify the area of your writing and then look for quotes in this topic. Professional writer is often searching good quotations that will attract the audience.

This is the good way to leave a message into your listeners’ minds.

Professional speech writers may help you to create a good text that will fit in all your requirements. Our speech writing service will give you the best writer, who knows very well how to use quotes and make a perfect plan of speech. He also will help in preparing the presentation. For example, we know some words, such as um, and, uh, you know are often used by speakers. But they are not right; we propose a smooth manner to get to next point. If you use our transitions and other advice then you will avoid unnecessary pauses and words. We promise your written speeches will be the best ones.

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