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Writing a literature review is an important part in any scientific process, including final papers, PhD papers, Master’s degree dissertations or scientific articles to be published. Assuming you are not the first one who ever thought about a topic, you will get hundreds, thousands of authors writing on the same topic having slightly different or totally opposite opinions.

Sure, large topics like globalization and terrorism may have millions of adepts, each writing in his own style, thus forming a legit opinion upon the subject might take a while. However, going through various authors before making your own opinion is crucial when wanting to scientifically approach a topic, so here is how you should be writing literature reviews:

How to write a good literature review?

  • Think about the problem you want to approach for literature review and compare a few authors’ views upon the matter.
  • Group authors who come up with similar results or conclusions
  • Define and note the areas in which authors are in contradiction or their results differ majorly
  • State your own opinion as well and give arguments to your opinion
  • Conclude by summarizing what literature has to say and how it is relevant to your literature review paper.

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Luckily, for you there are plenty of websites promising to help you out with your literature review writing blockage or lack of ideas. Professional literature review writers and respected scholars are willing to solve the problem for you and look deep into the existing literature to come up with the best summary. However, many of the websites promising to deliver such help will only end up handing shoddy work or superficial views to get your money.

Thus, the first thing you need to do when looking for the best writing help website is to check the reviews of actual, real clients that have something relevant to say about the work they received. Then you can focus on a certain writer or ask for a whole team of writers to conduct your work if it is heavy, important and time consuming.

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