Article Writing: 6 Easy Steps to Organize Yourself

From time to time every person is writing an article review. It may be not usual writing for newspaper, magazine, etc. You can write a recipe to your recipe book, a brief instruction to some process that was discovered by yourself. All these are the examples of article writing. The main goal of it is to inform the reader some useful data.

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If you want to create an interesting text, then read articles about writing. Authors there often advise to make a plan of future article. You have to write a sequence of your next steps: what you do first, and then you do this. The main question while writing a plan is “What will happen next?” Just try to find the start and then ask this question as many times as you need to do.

Thus, before start writing you will have a draft of future article.

What Information Do You Have to Consider?

While writing the text, use these important issues:

  1.    Choose the topic of article. Select a topic that is interesting for you, you may focus on it for one or two weeks. Then narrow the topic if it is too broad. For example, if you want to write an article about growing flowers, choose more specific subject, how to grow the rose (or one of the sorts of this flower). After choosing the subject sit down and remember all information you know about it. Do not try to write an excellent article right now, it will be just a draft of future text.
  2.    Consider the readers’ needs. After writing a draft, try to forget that this text is yours. Look at the paper and imagine you are a reader. Think about what types of audience you are, what you do want to read (a housewife, a gardener). Answer yourself a question: “What do you want to read about?”
  3.    Then it is time to make a research paper of chosen article. It is a ground of good article. You may include statistic data, interesting quotes of famous people, definitions, anecdotes and interesting life stories, references if you use other people’s minds, interesting resources. Keep in mind all gathered information and check the new arrived information about your subject.
  4.    Increase your text by using new received information from other sources. If you have a thought to write the new article based on this information, ok, do it. When you will read the article this time, think about the functions of new text: “Does it work?”
  5.    Do not lose the necessary details. Check few times the text of the article. Are you sure you wrote about all features of rose growing? Did the reader know everything about it choosing, planting, care, watering, etc.? If you have too many directions of the thoughts then write subheadings to them.
  6.    Read and proofread. Read the text aloud or give to supportive friend or professional article writing service to check the context, grammar, spelling, and other mistakes.
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